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watch reporter julie watts takes a look at how the laws really work. >> is she breathing? >> barely. >> reporter: they're talking about an 87-year-old woman dying inside this retirement home. but when a 911 dispatcher tells the nurse on the line to start cpr, she refuses. >> yeah. we can't do cpr. >> then hand the phone to a passerby. anybody there can do cpr. give them the phone please. this woman is not breathing enough. she's gonna die. >> reporter: and that's exactly what happened. by the time help arrived, it was too late. but patricia mcginnis says it's not illegal. while there are laws that require some to follow do not resuscitate orders -- >> there's nothing in the law that says, if i don't have one of those, you have to resuscitate. >> reporter: the elderly woman in this case did not have a dnr. while most assisted living facilities assured us they do resuscitate under similar circumstances, at least five say staff provide cpr when directed by a 911 dispatcher. >> if it has been the gardener there, they probably would have s
. in this case, costco received $800 from the manufacturer, making the total taxable amount, 1,849. state law states amounts paid by a manufacturer to a retailer to reimburse for the value of the coupon are included in the retailer's gross receipts. ed feels it is still unfair. >> let costco pay the tax on that $800. >> reporter: if the discount is because of a store sale, you will pay sales tax based on the sale price. that's because they aren't getting any money from a third party. >> be careful. >> you got that? >> i got it. i understand. >>> well brian hackney is in tonight for paul deanno. >>> we'll start out saturday morning. it will just be patchy tomorrow morning as opposed to what we had this morning. and there are other changes in the offing as well. we're gonna be looking for increasing clouds and a chance of scattered showers on sunday. tomorrow looks nice. temperatures a little cooler for saturday. and then, after a break on monday, we're gonna get more rain by late tuesday. it's all because high pressure that's been in full command is
an opportunity. just minutes after most of the region's law enforcement officers drove to san jose, three armed men robbed a bank at the west branch. witnesses told police the robbers pointed handguns, shoved employees and escaped with cash. >> people know that a lot of the officers will be over there honoring the fallen officers and it's just really disappointing. it's disgusting to me. >> several officers were at the services. a police sergeant said he had enough offices to investigate the robbery and cover the rest of the city. >>> busted at the airport. when you see what was inside this guy's luggage, you won't believe it. >>> why a politician in the bay area wants to put a tax on e-mail. >>> only we are there as a mystery millionaire comes forward to claim his jackpot and why he hasn't told his wife! culver, culla verr, culla verr. >>> north korea threatened to fire missile at washington as a re, coming from possible tough new sanctions. and china has helped draft the resolution. >> the severity of the sanctions show that we take this seriou
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)